Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Gets Expanded Episode Order

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead hasn’t aired a single episode, but is already expanding its second season. 

AMC hasn’t aired a single episode of their new series Fear The Walking Dead, but executives must love what they’re seeing already. After ordering six episodes for the spinoff/companion series to The Walking Dead, AMC will be bringing back Fear The Walking Dead in 2016 with an expanded episode order.

Greg Nicotero teased that the second season of Fear The Walking Dead would feature 15 additional episodes aside from the six that were previewed at Comic-Con.

"We’ll start shooting the first of fifteen episodes for season two sometime in November or December, so I think the plan is to have a zombie TV show on 52 weeks a year. In The Walking Dead we had six episodes for our first season and I think we did twelve or thirteen in our second season."

This is great news for fans of The Walking Dead who are looking forward to the release of the new show. No one has seen enough of the new series to accurately judge how everything will go down, but so far the buzz has implied that things will be amazing once we finally dig into things.

For fans of more character driven storylines, like myself — who has been hard on The Walking Dead — this could be the series we’ve all be waiting for. Of course, we could trade standing around aimlessly in a field for an entire season with standing around for a whole season in a school — which is worse because everyone hates schools.

Fear The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC on August 23rd.

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