Michael Cudlitz may or may not appear on HBO’s Ballers


Update: 8/13/15

Glad Michael had such fun on this shoot!

Update: 8/10/2015: Obviously, we know now!

Update: 8/8/2015 It appears as though Mr. Cudlitz will appear in the hit show Ballers. Check out this preview. Thank you Dule Hill for the heads up Tweet! I still believe if Michael were to tweet anything other than the confirmation thumbs up emoji, he would say:  This may or may not have happened.  Just seems his style.

Michael Cudlitz, or Abraham Ford, for Walking Dead fans is known for Tweeting that things may or may not have happened along with picture or videos or information.  He has also been misinterpreted from time to time as providing spoilers from his cryptic tweets.

Michael Cudlitz the Rock Twitter
Michael Cudlitz the Rock Twitter @jeknight04 /

It’s a chicken/egg situation. His cryptic nature being developed as a sarcastic coping mechanism from people misinterpreting and twisting his words to their own intentions or his cryptic nature leaving him open to those twists and misinterpretations. I’m voting for the former.

In any case. I’m adding RUMOR and disclaimer and “may or may not” in CAPITAL and bold all over this baby! Can I make this text sparkle?  It seems as though Michael may be appearing on the HBO football comedy Ballers, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, at some point.  This should be a fun job for Cudlitz, if it’s true; he’s been Tweeting about the show positively for awhile now.

I can’t find any information confirming that Michael will be on Ballers other than the pointing emoji hand and old fashioned “RT” on his retweet. But I can imagine Abraham Ford playing ball and Abraham and Michael are both quite funny. So if you have HBO and you love Cudlitz, The Rock or Ballers, keep your eyes open for Abraham Ford, pigskins and comedy on your screen sometime in the future. *photo credit @jeknight04

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