The Walking Dead Season 6: Lennie James has been let out of a cave


Actor Lennie James, who plays Morgan Jones on The Walking Dead, says it’s as though he’s been let out of a cave this season because his presence isn’t secret. He told this and many more interesting things to Access Hollywood while being interviewed on the red carpet for Entertainment Weekly’s comic-con party on July 11th.

“It’s almost illegal how much fun I’m having at the moment. There should be a law against it…They’re allowed to know who I am. I’m allowed to be in town. It’s incredible. It’s like being let out of the cave.”

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He gets to be out and about and share meals with the cast. He doesn’t have to stay hidden. Morgan showed up in in the season 5 finale so fans are aware of him now and know he will be part of The Walking Dead season 6 for at least some part.

In previous seasons whenever he showed up on screen, it was a huge surprise and thrill for fans. One that had them shouting, “Morgan!” at their televisions in unison with fans in other homes. So when Lennie was on set it was a very covert operation.

It’s almost illegal how much fun I’m having at the moment. There should be a law against it.

Lennie also confirmed the cat that Scott Gimple let out of the bag, which is as big a secret to Walking Dead fans as Negan or Lucille: the trailer is not literal, it’s thematic.

I tease about that not being a secret, but most things Walking Dead are very well kept secrets. And Lennie has done very well in his classes at my fantasy Gimple/Kirkman/Hurd school of vaguery and misdirection . But I think Lennie has taken the advanced class.

Lennie brings his own style of candor to it.  He doesn’t bother with misdirection, he’ll leave that to the trailers.  He simply and brilliantly just describes, reflects and encapsulates what we already know, disclosing nothing new, but creating thrilled and eager listeners.

He bluntly starts his answers with, “what I can tell you,” and ends them charmingly with a smile and a mysterious, but direct, “it may well be; I couldn’t possibly comment.”

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