The Walking Dead: Big Tiny loses the “big”

Big Tiny - The Walking Dead, AMC
Big Tiny - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Theodus Crane, better known to Walking Dead fans as Big Tiny, the adorable prisoner who didn’t last nearly long enough on the show, is not so big anymore.  Theodus was not only big in stature and in nickname, he made a big impression on fans in a very short amount of time.

The 5 prisoners were the first new people the group met after they left the farm and Big Tiny was the one that was immediately not a threat. We found out soon after that Oscar and Axel were good guys as well, but we knew right away that Tomás was sketchy.

And it was Tomás that crushed our already broken hearts by brutally ending Big Tiny’s life after he had been bitten by the monsters that he just learned about.

Theodus is 6’8″ so he will always be big and now he’s getting tiny, too. He is followed on Twitter by many Walking Dead fans. He’s loveable and silly and often tweets about bacon, naps and cupcakes.

He’s been Tweeting #sweatyselfies for quite sometime now and even promising shirtless selfies on his motivating quest for fitness. He looks great. But he always looks great. He has a sweet smile to match his demeanor.

But tonight he posted a before and after type selfie and to quote Abraham, “Mother d*^k! I hadn’t noticed the incredible transformation until then.  I’m a big believer in the inside is what counts.  His insides and outsides are in spectacular condition!

Congratulations, Theodus! Our love for you is as big as it ever was!

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