The Walking Dead: Cast talks about who would die first in real zombie apocalypse

Amy, The Walking Dead -AMC
Amy, The Walking Dead -AMC /

While hanging out behind the scenes, the cast talks to Entertainment Weekly about who they think would die first in the event of a real zombie apocalypse.  Click here to watch the funny video before reading further, if you don’t want to know their answers yet.

Walking-Dead-Maggie /

Lauren Cohan doesn’t really think it’s Josh (Eugene), but likes the idea of Josh making a comical exit, trying to amuse the walkers before going. Josh, you’re funny, but walkers have lost the part of their brain that processes humor!

Mr. Lincoln (Rick) really amused himself with his answer, making fun of Norman (Daryl) and his need for grooming and how that wouldn’t serve him well in the apocalypse. Danai (Michonne) worried about Norman, too, but because of his cat.  I guess she forgot he has a son, too.  (Oops!)

She was very concerned about people with pets. I guess the two-legged family members can at least take direction from you better. I believe she has a 15 pound rescue dog now, which might be difficult to leave behind and to transport.

Walking-Dead-Carol /

Melissa (Carol) thought they all have acquired some skills and would out survive the average non-Walking Dead cast member. But Norman was also her choice among the cast because he doesn’t know how to fish.

He may not know how to fish, but he does know how to use an iPhone . And using an iPhone is apparently his barometer of intelligence and survival skills in the real world.

Poor cuddly Cudlitz was Steven (Glenn) Yeun’s choice. While Cudlitz has the muscles, he is tender hearted and my favorite adjective–squishy. While Steven thought Michael was too squishy to kill walkers and survive the zombie apocalypse, Steven didn’t think cuddly Mike was above killing Steven, so Steven deadpanned an apology and a don’t kill me or eat me plea at the end.

So, while Daryl may be the badass-poncho-wearing-crossbow-toting-squirrel-eating-spaghetti-slurping-cigarette-smoking–no-shower-taking-art-critic last man standing, according to Beth’s predictions and the hopes of fan girls and boys everywhere, Norman wouldn’t fare well, according to some of his castmates.

This begs the question: Who would Cudlitz, McDermitt, Sonequa, Lennie and many of the other cast members choose?

And the opposite question:  Who would survive the longest?

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