The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln doesn’t do technology

Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln /

The Walking Dead has made a huge impact on pop culture with its merchandise, music, videogames and more. There is a huge fan presence on Twitter and the Internet is filled with Walking Dead–articles, photos and memes. Memes! Memes are are huge part of pop culture. I think Andrew Lincoln knows what a meme is now, but a few years ago that was a term he did not know.

Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln /

Andy, as castmates call him, seems rather unaware of most of the pop culture influence the show has. He seems rather uninterested in technology, actually. He told reporters at Comic-con that he can’t turn a computer on and he has a flip phone! He tells his friends to send pictures to his wife or to email them because his phone can’t open pictures.

He was “thrilled” to find out about the internet phenomenon of videos of Rick shouting Carl! I wonder if he’s aware of the spellings of “Coral” and “may” and “thangs”.

He remembered hating when Melissa McBride called him “sweet cheeks or something”! Every Walking Dead fan just shouted, “sunshine,” at the screen! We don’t forget that Carol said, “Oh, sunshine, you don’t get both.” That line has become a part of pop culture as much as “Look at the flowers.”

Fans keep asking other Walking Dead actors on Twitter to get Andrew to join. Ha! I don’t think that’s likely to happen any time soon. I remember seeing something once where Andy asked Norman where he should look and Norman pointing out that they weren’t on Skype.

Maybe Andrew is just method acting and preparing for a zombie apocalypse and a world without smartphones. No matter what the reason, it doesn’t matter if he’s aware of it or not, Rick Grimes is  pop culture icon!

Someone should make a Lame Joke Rick and Carl meme incorporating Andrew’s lack of awareness of his own pop culture influence! #meta

P.S. Norman, take a break from touching Andy’s butt and show him some Rick and Coral memes! He’ll love you all the more for it!

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