David Morrissey Returns to London Stage on ‘Hangmen’

David Morrissey Returns to London Stage on 'Hangmen'
David Morrissey Returns to London Stage on ‘Hangmen’ /

David Morrissey will make his royal return to London’s stage later this year in Martin McDonagh’s new play ‘Hangmen’. Expect dark themes akin to The Governor to imbue and permeate the Royal Court Theater. Morrissey will harness the spotlight as the play’s second best hangman in all of Britain… On the day, the British government abolishes capital punishment. Leaving the executioner to the jeers of fellow pub goers.

It’s the first new play by McDonah since 2010’s ‘A Behanding in Spokane’ performed in Broadway’s Schoenfeld Theatre in New York. The Irish born playwright wrote award winning play ‘The Pillowmen’ in 2003, gaining a 2004 Oliver award for Best New Play, two Tony Awards for Best production and a 2004-2005 New York Drama Critic’s Circle award for Best New Foreign Play. Who better to perform in McDonah’s dim motif’s then The Walking Dead’s Governor. David Morrissey’s complex magnum opus of a character.

McDonagh is known for his finely crafted dark humor including 2001’s ‘The Lieutenant of Inishmore’ a black comedy produced by London’s Royal Shakespeare Company. ‘Hangman’ will similarly follow suit as a black satire. The focus on fictional character ‘Harry’ the executioner. An Oldham pub setting being the centerpiece.

Actor Reece Shearsmith known for Shaun of the Dead, The League of Gentlemen, and Psychoville is thrilled to have Morrissey join him on stage.

David Morrissey’s Most Recent Stage Credits

Our favorite Governor last appeared on stage in legendary Shakespeare play ‘Macbeth’ in 2011, playing you guessed it, Macbeth! The performance ran at Liverpool’s Everyman Theater from May 6, 2011 – June 11, 2011 and was directed by Gemma Bodinetz. David Morrissey continued on to play Northumberland in a BBC television film version of Shakespeare’s Richard II broadcast in July 2012. Then taking the reigns of The Governor in The Walking Dead during the same year, 2012!

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