The Walking Dead: Why all the Andrea hate?


I don’t read The Walking Dead comics and I understand that Comic Andrea is a big deal. So let me get that out of the way right off the bat. But other than that, and the fact that she joined Woodbury,  which I’ll get to again later, I don’t get all the Andrea hate.

I asked one friend what he hated about her and his helpful answers was, “everything.” The second friend, @WeylayEd on Twitter had an even more helpful answer to why he didn’t like her– ” because she lived past the second episode.”

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Watching season 2 again today in the marathon, I noticed some things that I didn’t really quite notice exactly before about Andrea. I always liked her, even though she could be a little stubborn, and could appear pushy. I say appear because she wasn’t really pushing as much as pushing back. People were pushing her.

She seemed very pushy with Dale and Shane about wanting her gun, but she was an adult. It was her gun. They were not her parents. She was not a child. She was a grown, independent woman. Nobody seemed to think they were being unreasonable.

Andrea was very much like me. I related to her quite a bit. She was very independent had opinions. And while I don’t have her looks and wouldn’t have had the exchanges with Merle or the issues with The Governor that she had, I have the some of the same issues with women and men as friends that she seemed to have.

She was one of the boys. She wanted to be one of the girls, too, but it was awkward for her. Sometimes, people don’t want you to be both.  She was thoughtful and sensitive.  She was fearful and scared. But she was badass before the badass women had arrived. And it must not have seemed right to the audience; I don’t know.

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She was the one woman who killed walkers– with her gun, with a screwdriver, with pitchforks and farm tools and with her boots. She stepped up to the line at the barn. She went on truck rides with T-dog, Shane and Daryl to dispose of bodies, picking up fallen limbs along the way.

Yes, she was a little clutzy shooting Daryl. I would have been, too. She was trying to prove she could do it. That she could be one of the boys and shoot so the boys might accept her and the girls might accept that she wasn’t inside doing dishes with them. It’s a tricky line as a tomboy. You act like the kid that always says I want to do it myself!

Was it way back in season 1 that people hated her? What was to hate? She was doing laundry back then. Because she wanted to shoot Amy herself? She had every right to do that! Because she fished? Because she called Rick a name when she first met him? They were all upset with him for drawing the walkers. 

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Okay, it’s The Governor and Michonne. There I can give a little bit. I was disappointed in her a little bit there. Not because I thought she abandoned Michonne. I love Michonne, but Andrea is not Michonne’s daughter. They needed to make their own decisions. I was disappointed that Andrea didn’t see through Philip.

But I also think that it was plotting by the writers that was a little bit about getting Michonne to meet the prison group without Andrea and Andrea to give us as the audience a different insight into Woodbury, as well as create the Governor and Michonne dynamic and the prison attacks.

So I forgave her. And the writers. And I did understand her desire for some kind of comfort. Michonne was used to being out there. And now even she wants Alexandria.

So, while I don’t know what so great about comic Andrea, I liked badass television Andrea.  I think she would have been friends with Sasha, Tara and Rosita as well as Eugene and Abraham.  Who knows…#Abrea could have been a thing?   ( I’m all about #abrachonne, I think Abe and Rosita are just friends now.) And I know Andrea would have been totally impressed with new Carol!

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