Fear the Walking Dead: Before Rick woke up! (Video)

Fear the Walking Dead - AMC
Fear the Walking Dead - AMC /
Rick Grimes. Hospital bodies. Pilot. AMC. The Walking Dead
Rick Grimes. Hospital bodies. Pilot. AMC. The Walking Dead /

When we met Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, he had been in a coma for nearly 2 months. Yes, we saw a little bit of his time before the coma with Shane in the cop car discussing women and light bulbs over burgers and fries, and we were treated to a few flashbacks of his time asleep, but largely The Walking Dead we know came after the rest of the world had dealt with their shock and was already in survival mode.

Fear the Walking Dead is going to explore that time period for us in the city of Los Angeles, following a school and some families right before the world goes crazy. This video from AMC gives us a behind the scenes look at how that’s going to look. And from what I see, it looks amazing!  Take a look!

FTWD 101. Teachers. AMC
FTWD 101. Teachers. AMC /

I love that we’re really going to get to know the people before the outbreak. In The Walking Dead, it was interesting because the group was made up of people who didn’t really know each other and how they negotiated working together and creating new group dynamics. We pieced together bits of their backstories.

Here, it’s a little bit the opposite. We see the backstories first and then watch as the new situation changes those group dynamics.  And we’ll see how the dynamics shift as perhaps the group shrinks and grows with losses and the addition of new people as time moves on.

fear-the-walking-dead-episode-101-nick-dillane-2-935 /

The most exciting thing for me about Fear, is the dramatic irony and tension that will be built around the fact that we know what these people are about to experience and they don’t. I can feel my muscles tighten as I write, anticipating unknowing people approaching fresh walkers as we scream at our televisions and clutch the arms of our chairs or our friends next to us on the couch.

Viewers will be biting their nails, biting their lips, widening their eyes, opening their mouths wide in silent screams before the real ones come out. Goosebumps. Tingles. Shivers. Gasps. Fear. Thrills. Frustration. No! Dont! You idiot! 

It’s the suspense and tension that thrillers are made of, but with depth. I won’t go further than that for fear of inadvertently alienating or insulting horror fans, but it’s exciting to me in a way that most horror movies don’t excite me.

How are you feeling about Fear now that it’s getting closer?  Check out everything we know about Fear so far in this online companion to the Walking Dead’s companion series.  Fear Online Guide.

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