The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus jokes about how to know if someone will die

Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. AMC.
Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. AMC. /
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Nobody is safe. As Walking Dead fans, we know this to be true. We’ve watched fan favorites die in front of our eyes, some slowly with time to say goodbye and some so shockingly quickly and abruptly with the action moving on to the next scene, not allowing time to process what has just happened until the commercial or the next viewing.

When we look back, sometimes we think to ourselves that we should have known it was coming because there was too much attention paid to that character recently.

Norman Reedus made a similar joke in an article with

"“If a person has nine monologues in three episodes, you know they are going to die.”"

*Spoilers about deaths ahead. Don’t continue if you are not caught up through season 5.*

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Of course, the theory can be proven and disproved at the same time. Amy had a nice little monologue before her death, but so did Andrea and she lived. Jim had some digging action before he was bitten. Jenner gave a lecture before he opted out, but Jacqui left without much attention at all.

Sophia didn’t get monologues, but she had a lot of attention before she emerged from the barn. Patricia and Jimmy perhaps wore red shirts rather than gave monologues, but they did feed walkers chickens and laugh about Daryl’s chupacabras, respectively.

If a person has nine monologues in three episodes, you know they are going to die.

Shane got a nice monologue to teach Hershel about the status of walkers prior to his demise along with several monologues about Lori and Carl. Otis got some good scenes for a minor character before his death.

The best examples of the monologues before death are Hershel and Tyreese. “You risk your life!” for Hershel along with the big flu episode plus Tyreese’s full episode of hallucinations. Beth had some full episodes as well, but so did Daryl and he’s still kicking. Did Brian Heriot’s full episodes predict his downfall?

Axel, Lori, T-dog and Noah were shocking and abrupt deaths, but all had some mini-focal scenes prior to the shock.

Did Bob’s “good from the bad” game and inspirational talk to Rick on the way to the food bank seal his fate?

Tyreese. AMC The Walking Dead
Tyreese. AMC The Walking Dead /

Carol, Michonne, and Rick have had many monologues and they are still alive. So far. Morgan, Eugene and Abraham have had some great speeches. Should we worry for all of them? How is that different from thinking nobody is safe?

So should we listen for monologues from now on? Maybe. Even if we do predict who, there’s still what, where, when, why, and how.

Of course, it’s fun to be able to think we’ve cracked the Kirkman code and will be able to figure out who will die next. But hindsight is much smarter than we are prior to any episode of The Walking Dead. I’m pretty sure that the show will continue to surprise and shock us.

Norman Reedus is also smart enough not to give away any true secrets. He wants Daryl Dixon to stay alive as long as possible and spoilers would spoil those chances and have the National Guard stationed at all the DMVs.

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