The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman receives a bitergram

Walking dead. Season 6 walker. AMC.
Walking dead. Season 6 walker. AMC. /

Robert Kirkman, of The Walking Dead, opened his door to an interesting package today from a fabulous undead delivery service. It had no return address and just his name on the front of it. Merle would have called it a bitergram, y’all.

He turned to Twitter to decide if it was safe to open. The consensus was a very curious and resounding, ” Yes!”

The mystery package raises many questions. The obvious one is, “What’s in it?” Hopefully, Mr. Kirkman will open it and make a follow up Tweet to let us know the answer to that question! If that does, indeed, happen, I’ll update this article to let you know!

The next question that pops to mind, “Who sent it?” And the one that I want to know or imagine is how did the deliverer do it? Did he or she ring the doorbell and run? Hide in the bushes?  Leave it on the doorstep and then make a call letting Robert know it was outside?

What do you think? Would you open it? What do you think is in it? Who do you think sent it? Would you like to receive a bitergram?

Just checked Twitter. No word yet!


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