The Walking Dead: Why is everyone so worried about showing winter?


I’ve been reading tons of articles about why it’s never winter on The Walking Dead? Who cares? You don’t have to have snow to show winter. And it’s Georgia.

Walking dead. Season 6 walker. AMC.
Walking dead. Season 6 walker. AMC. /

Okay, now they’ve moved a little farther north to Virginia. My brother lives in Virginia, near Washington DC and the winters are still pretty mild. It’s not like there is snow on the ground all the time. Sure, they get snow, but that doesn’t mean it has to be shown on The Walking Dead. We know that The Walking Dead doesn’t show 365 day stories.

According to the timeline on Wikia, what we’ve seen on screen so far has taken under 2 years total in 5 seasons. So there could have been snow on days we didn’t see.  They wore jackets in Georgia. In Alexandria they could wear heavier coats and gloves to show cold. They don’t need the corn flakes that Scott Gimple teased about to Entertainment Weekly.

"“It’s a hard one and one that we struggle with…We don’t want to use white cornflakes [to double as snow] if we don’t have to. It’s a challenge, and we’re gonna see what we can do. It’s something we struggle with.”"

They could even allude to snow in a dialogue if it’s that big a deal to people. Have a flashback of Carl building a snowman. Now, I’m being silly.

But I just don’t see the big deal about not having winter. I’ve never thought that it’s taken away from my enjoyment or being in the moment of the show.

P.S. We probably won’t get winter in Los Angeles in Fear the Walking Dead either.

Has the lack of winter and snow in The Walking Dead been a big deal to you? How about this? Do walkers get cold?

Update: after getting some comments on Facebook and Twitter I understand that seeing winter is more about wondering what effect it will have on the walkers than the authenticity of the seasons in the show. That’s fair.

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