The Walking Dead round table: Most hated character

Father Gabriel, The Walking Dead - AMC
Father Gabriel, The Walking Dead - AMC /
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The Walking Dead - AMC
The Walking Dead – AMC /

The Walking Dead has seen a lot of characters come and go during the course of 5 seasons.  Some of them were much more likable than others.  Because of that, we decided to pose a question to both our writers and our readers.

“Which character from AMC’s The Walking Dead do you hate the most?”

Some of the responses were what you would expect.  There were many villains named.  Some were chosen because people thought the character was annoying.  Fan favorites were even chosen due to overexposure.  But no matter why you dislike the characters that you chose, we have to remember that there are many more likable characters than ones we wish would become zombie bait.

So, let’s get starting discussing some of the most hated characters in The Walking Dead’s history according to our writers and readers, starting with our co-editor Susan!

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