The Walking Dead round table: Most hated character

Father Gabriel, The Walking Dead - AMC
Father Gabriel, The Walking Dead - AMC /
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Tracey’s choice: Martin

Martin, The Walking Dead - AMC
Martin, The Walking Dead – AMC /

There is a lot of evil on The Walking Dead, plenty of villainous characters worthy of hate. But when you combine evil and annoying, that hatred reaches another level. I’m going to have to honor my husband’s choice on this one. You see, my dear husband doesn’t discuss the show as passionately as I do, but this one particular character gets him more riled up than any other.

That would be Martin. I think there was some mention of wanting to punch him in the face and stuff his baseball cap down his throat. Does that sound accurate, dear?

So, why Martin? Well, first of all, he puts his hands on a baby. That’s strike 2,973 right there. Then you can add the fact that he actually tells us he can remember normal life, yet that still doesn’t stop him from threatening an innocent child. Then there’s his annoying gum chewing. Close your mouth when you’re chewing for goodness sake!! No one needs to hear your sloppy tongue smacking. Finally, his cocky, “thinks he knows it all” attitude is infuriating. He’s the last one at the church to put down his weapon after Rick’s team arrives, still thinking he can have the final say. Finally, what’s worse than an annoying, gum smacking, cocky guy who threatens babies? One who comes back from the dead to taunt Tyreese in his battle with life and death, that’s who!

I have to hand it to actor Chris Coy. He was definitely able to illicit strong feelings of hatred in his nuanced portrayal of Martin. And it was not merely the delivery of his lines. It was also his casual drawl, the gum chewing, and his cocky, nonchalant irreverence for human life. Chris, you made Martin my most hated character!

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