The Walking Dead round table: Most hated character

Father Gabriel, The Walking Dead - AMC
Father Gabriel, The Walking Dead - AMC /
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Nir’s choice: Michonne and Lori

Michonne and Lori Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC
Michonne and Lori Grimes, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Every character adds to the hook that is The Walking Dead. There is no character I hate. If they’re evoking a reaction in any fashion the actor/actress is doing an excellent job with their performance. After all, the worst kind of response is nothing, empty and hollow. Forgettable, and upstaged by others. If I was absolutely forced to choose a character that provoked a reaction, I would say Michonne or Lori.

As Michonne is responsible for the end of one of my favorite characters on the show, The Governor. A character that could have remained a formidable foe and a recurring villain for season after season. Not that I wanted The Governor to vanquish Rick, my other favorite character, but they should have been separated somehow without demise. Michonne went into a perfectly good town in Woodbury, a practical oasis, and slowly destroyed it from within. I also disliked when she knocked Rick out last season when he was giving the Alexandria residents a reality check. Reminding them who the king is around these parts.

Rick’s character was taking a brilliant turn, and Michonne’s actions caused him to question himself quite a bit. Something he hadn’t done since the days of Lori. The runner-up here for continually emasculating her husband, having another man linger on around the camp. Mystified to whether the pregnancy was caused by her husband or Shane. Stomping all over Rick’s right to blissful fatherhood. The moment he began to break away from Lori, Rick rose back to being a complete individual again. Confident and self assured. Whether the democracy speech or allowing himself to detach from her persistent ghostly memories in the farming days. Once again it must be reiterated that neither of these characters deserve the title of hate but rather adoration for supplying a well of emotion. A dam. The thrill of passion towards a performance.

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