Talking Dead Season 6 Preview Special: announced guests

Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead - AMC
Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead - AMC /

After a long break, Chris Hardwick will return to AMC on Sunday, August 23, 2015 for a preview special for The Walking Dead’s sixth season.  This will air right before the world premiere of the companion series Fear The Walking Dead.

Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead - AMC
Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead – AMC /

While it’s strange they aren’t there to do a show following Fear The Walking Dead, leading into the premiere with an episode of Talking Dead discussing the upcoming season of The Walking Dead is really smart.  AMC is counting on fans of the original series to tune in and watch the companion, and putting this special on before Fear The Walking Dead debuts is a great move that could pay dividends.

Right now, Talking Dead is taking questions from fans that might get answered on the show.  Chris Hardwick, the show’s host, has asked fans to submit questions about Daryl’s role in the group, the upcoming interactions with The Wolves, Sasha’s state of mind, the similarities between The Walking Dead and Lost, and other general questions.

Here are the guests that will join Chris Hardwick for the Talking Dead Season 6 Preview Special on Sunday:

Scott M. Gimple

  • He’s the showrunner of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  He has so much insight and knowledge about the show that you just want to crack open his head to get them all out.  Of course, doing so would likely kill him, so that is a bad idea.  Still, if you’ve ever been curious about almost anything in the world of the undead, Gimple should be able to answer your question on Talking Dead.

Jorge Garcia

  • While he’s not best known for anything regarding The Walking Dead, Garcia has endeared himself to millions of fans worldwide during his time on the hit show Lost.  On that program, he played the role of Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, a fan favorite.  He also had roles on hit shows like Becker, Alcatraz, Once Upon A Time, and Hawaii Five-O.

I’m sure there will be some surprises and maybe even some exclusive content regarding The Walking Dead’s sixth season revealed during the Talking Dead Season 6 Preview Special.  Be sure to tune in on Sunday, August 23, 2015! Check your local listings for time and availability.

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