The Walking Dead: Message from Woodbury – phone call #3

WoodburyIsWaiting, The Walking Dead teaser - Twitter
WoodburyIsWaiting, The Walking Dead teaser - Twitter /

It’s day three of The Walking Dead’s big tease of fans regarding the phone calls stemming from the strange packages that were sent out.  This time, things get a little more complicated as the phone call transmission was even more garbled as usual, but the results of calling the number offered a couple more options this time.

Here was my result when I dialed (912) 307-3075 for today.  Once again, I recorded the call and uploaded it to my personal YouTube channel.

While that call offered no new information, it did confirm that the number of days until time runs out on the phone is still counting down.  It has now reached 101 days.

Now, there is a second part.  You may have noticed the odd website address I used in both the featured image and the video.  That’s because it was tweeted out from the WoodburyIsWaiting twitter account today.  Here is that tweet:

Once you go to the website, you see that most of the areas from the map yesterday are now red and labelled.  They either show the words “compromised”, “not safe”, “signal down” or another message that assumes that hope is low for those areas.

You can enter your email and it will say “Data Received” and you can sign in to the site.  After you submit your email address, you’ll get a message from Skybound Accounts stating the following ”

"“THANK YOU FOR SIGNING UP.Your help is needed and soon you’ll receive instructions on what to do next.Until then…”"

In addition to Skybound sending the email, you’ll notice that the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy of the page belong to Skybound Entertainment, Robert Kirkman’s own company, which shows just how legit this is from a corporate standpoint.

Finally, things got a bit personal today when I received a phone call from this number around 4 pm ET.  It was a recording of a woman who couldn’t hear what I was saying and her communication was garbled.  She continued to talk about remaining safe and offered one last warning that was interrupted by the phone call being dropped.  Sadly, I was too distracted by this awesome call to record it, but I’ll work harder at this in the future if another call comes through.

Luckily, Jessica Johnston on YouTube was able to catch the call and give it a recording.  Check it out!

I’m interested to see what tomorrow brings.  Until then, let’s keep trying to figure this out together, fans of The Walking Dead.  And hopefully none of us are “Patient Zero”.

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