Fear the Walking Dead: Surprising mistake in revealing too much in previews

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Something that The Walking Dead is famous for is giving away oh, so little in the trailers and previews. On Talking Dead, we very often say, “What the heck did we just see?” We usually learn nothing from the previews or what we do learn is so misleading that it turns out that what actually happens when we see it on the show is nothing like what we thought was going to happen from the teaser.

I know Fear the Walking Dead is trying to distance itself from The Walking Dead in some ways and be its own show and its own thing. But in the case of the pilot episode, I think they could have taken a page from the Walking Dead School of Vaguery and Misdirection (A fictional place I’ve made up in my mind) handbook and revealed much less ahead of time and still created enough buzz about the premiere.

I don’t think it’s a fatal mistake. I will continue to tune in and I still really liked what I saw. But some of the complaints of slowness and not caring about the characters yet might have been avoided if we didn’t know so much about them already going into the show,

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I could be over-analyzing. Maybe not as many people as I think knew ahead of time or read as much ahead of time as I did. I read and looked at everything possible.

But, I would have kept pictures of Gloria a secret. I wouldn’t have released the video of the first 3 minutes ahead of time. Those are things I would have liked to be completely new for me going into the show.

I would have played with time and place in editing clips faster and from different episodes, the way they do for Walking Dead, where you never know what’s happening when and what scenes are connected to others and to whom people are talking when you see them.  Trick us! I realize now I like being tricked in the previews! Trickery is fair in a zombie apocalypse!

I do hope people give the show a chance. I love the idea that the show is connected to The Walking Dead by the walkers not the human characters or the geography. I think that’s an interesting twist. I also think that placing it at the beginning has made people’s minds start spinning origin theories even though they know the origins aren’t going to be revealed. That’s clever.

And I’m glad the wait is over and we can start enjoying the show as it unfolds in front of us for the next 5 weeks and then again next summer.

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