The Walking Dead: True or false with Michael Rooker

Walker Merle. The Walking Dead - AMC
Walker Merle. The Walking Dead - AMC /

Michael Rooker all over Chicago

In Chicago for Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con, Michael Rooker has been making appearances on Chicago TV and radio all week. He played a game of True or False on WGN, which had him ringing in with his answers of true or false about facts the host found out about Michael on the internet.

True or False?

Here were the statements that Michael rang in about. See if you can guess if they were true or false.

  • Michael loves board games.
  • Michael collects beer steins.
  • Michael’s grandmother used to chase him with a broom because he teased her cat.
  • When Michael fills his truck with gas, he always stops on an even dollar amount.
  • Michael can throw a grape in the air 2 or 3 stories high and catch it in his mouth.
  • Michael has an extremely high threshold for pain.


Click here to watch the video and see how you did.

Click here for a bonus video of the producer from WGN doing his Merle impression.

True Tidbits

After seeing Michael at Kick off the Con and in the Rooker vs. The Audience panel at Wizard World, I can add a few true tidbits for you.

  • Michael likes Godiva chocolate covered pretzels.
  • Pepsi or Coke? Jack Daniels
  • He got his leather jacket about 30 years ago at a vintage/used clothing store in Chicago.
  • He won’t be in Black Ops 3, but likes the people and has a good relationship with them so predicts he might be in future games.
  • He claims to have made $6 for Mallrats.
  • He hasn’t been asked or seen a script yet for Mallrats 2, but hopes to be in it and maybe get paid $7.
  • He was sad when they first made Guardians of the Galaxy toys and there were none for Yondu. Now, of course, there are because Yondu has become a fan favorite.
  • He wishes he would have made the movie Snakes on a Plane.

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