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Tobias. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Tobias. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /
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We are just being introduced to the characters in the new companion series, Fear the Walking Dead. Tobias is one that stands out so far. But, unfortunately, in the apocalyptic world, and more specifically, in Kirkman land, nobody is safe.

I really hope Tobias is one of the characters who becomes a Glenn or a Carol and not an Amy or a Jim. Or at least a T-dog or a Dale. I want him to stick around for a while. I really like him.

How can I really like him after such a short time? Well, I just do! The Walking Dead is good like that. It can make you like or hate or change your mind about characters pretty quickly and effortlessly. Look at Morgan or Morales or Merle. Even Jacqui or Jenner or Mary from Terminus, Otis and Patricia.

Tobias. Fear the Walking Dead, AMC. /

I was a high school teacher for 29 years and I could care for my students and get to know them pretty quickly through class activities and the fun we had in our lessons. I didn’t need to know them well or for a long time.

Little things matter. Smiles and manners. Building trust. Helping them learn. Connections you make in the hallways. The care you take in preparing lessons and decorating the room for them. I like that Fear is taking place related to school; it’s a big part of a kid’s day and life.

Tobias reminds me of many of my students. I don’t fault Madison for her response to Tobias; it’s quite realistic and it made for more dramatic television. She was trying to reassure him. I’m a softie. I probably would have reassured him a little differently. I probably would have said that it sounds really scary, but I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about and that I would keep my eyes open with him.

Here is the teaser for episode 102 from AMC’S YouTube account:

I love that in the teaser, Madison and Tobias are together. I don’t know what is going to be the explanation for Tobias’ family–are they infected? Are they just not around? But many kids would turn to their teachers for support in difficult times. Lots of kids really relate to some of their teachers and think we know everything. Even if they think we’re unhip in many ways, they think we’re omniscient in other ways.

Please let Tobias make it through the season! I want to adopt him!

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