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Alicia Clark. Fear the Walking Dead, AMC.
Alicia Clark. Fear the Walking Dead, AMC. /
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On the Walking Dead we didn’t kill the living until after Sophia came out of the barn and Dave and Tony tried to force their way onto Hershel’s farm. And our first main characters weren’t killed until Ed and Amy were bitten at the fish fry in episode 4.  Fear the Walking Dead has started with killing one living character, Cal, Nick’s drug dealer, in the first episode and killing 2 main characters in episode 2-Artie, the principal and Matt, Alicia’s boyfriend.

Will the death slow down? Will the characters learn more? Will they reunite quickly like the Grimes family? Will characters reappear seasons or episodes in the future like Morgan and Merle? How will Nick do getting clean? Let’s make some predictions during our 2 week waiting period.

Nick did not kill Gloria the way Rick killed Bunny Slipper Girl. Will we see her again?

Madison, Alicia and Nick are home while Travis, Liza and Chris are hiding out from the chaos with the Salazar family at their barber shop. Will they reunite quickly and make their way to the desert?

Will there be another death in episode 3?

Who do you think will be the next to die?

Tobias left to be with his family and not burden Madison. Do you think we will see Tobias again on Fear the Walking Dead?

Nobody seems to have really figured out that you need to kill the brain to stop the infected from coming at you again and again. Madison killed Artie with the fire extinguisher, but we don’t know if she really understands things yet. Who do you think will make that connection first?

What other things do you wonder about? Other than who will die or other “firsts” on the show, what kinds of prediction polls should we think about for future episodes?

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