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Starving Walker is a great fan account on Twitter. He is a Walker who takes selfies with the cast, makes products for his walker pals and does countdowns for his followers. He makes hilarious 4 and 6 panel edits of Walking Dead scenarios.

Starving is from the U.K. and is a big fan of all the George Romero films and the undead genre. Starving has loved The Walking Dead since the first episode.  He said he was counting down the days until this new show was due to start, which is funny because now he counts down the days until the new season for his Twitter followers!

Here are some of the things Starving had to say about the show and his work:

"For me it has always had the perfect combination of characterisation, story line, action and amazing walker special effects and make up.I love to make new pictures every day because I just want to keep other Walking Dead fans amused and entertained, especially as most of the year it’s mid or pre-season and we’re all pining for new episodes. I know lots of times my pics aren’t always funny and humour is very subjective, but I do always try new things even if some days it does stress me out.It’s pretty sad, but I keep a notebook on my desk at work and constantly write down a stupid or funny scenario I can imagine the actors on the show going through. I can sometimes even look at a still picture of an episode or behind the scenes pic and build a silly story around it, I do try to do it using 4 pic grid but sometimes there’s too much going on and I have to expand it to 6.To sum up, I’m hooked on the show. The actors are great. The relationships amongst the characters on the show are great. The storylines are great. The effects are great. And, most importantly, the love and intensity of the fan base and Walking Dead family is great.I’m hooked and starving for the next episode, the next Walking Dead exclusive picture. But what else do you expect? I’m a real walker after all."

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It’s not sad at all! It’s fabulous. The Walking Dead family is great and intense-it’s true. Starving does a nice variety of Tweets with countdowns, clever replies, products, and edits. Be sure to check him out! Click


to go right to his Twitter account. Don’t get bit!

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