Fear the Walking Dead: Madison is not stupid

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The Fear the Walking Dead characters don’t know what’s happening and are making some decisions that have viewers calling them stupid. Perhaps that’s harsh. Madison, in particular is a character that is getting the stupid moniker attached to her for some of her decisions. I don’t think Madison is stupid.

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The big thing that Madison has done that gets the stupid label is not understanding that the infected are killing machines. She’s seen conflicting evidence. She saw Cal, but she also saw Matt. She doesn’t know for sure that what happened to Cal will happen to Matt. Not yet. That’s a leap for a person who has never heard of a zombie.

She has protective and helping instincts. She wants to believe that it’s something that can be contained or addressed or quarantined, maybe cured eventually. Perhaps she thought she could get Artie to a hospital or a place to be restrained.

Before you laugh, Hershel thought they were sick and quarantined them to his barn. We felt sorry for Hershel. We knew they weren’t sick. We knew he was in denial. But we didn’t call him stupid. We weren’t like Shane. Shane was necessary to wake Hershel up, but it was heartbreaking to watch. Why isn’t it heartbreaking to watch Madison go through her denial?

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Perhaps Alicia will have to wake up her mother the way Shane woke up Hershel or the way Maggie woke up Hershel when she started calling them walkers. Hershel wanted to protect Maggie and Beth, but just as he found out when his family and Sophia came out of the barn, he can’t protect them from it.

Madison will have her moment when she realizes that the infected are too big and too much for her to keep from the eyes and mind of her daughter. Her daughter was about to start college in a year. A parent’s normal time of learning to let go and stop sheltering his or her child. The apocalypse is giving Maddie an early and dramatic lesson.

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