The Walking Dead: Great moments from Fan Expo Canada


Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus, and Lennie James of The Walking Dead answered audience questions about the show at Fan Expo Canada 2015.

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In the first segment we discovered that Chandler’s best line ever is coming up in season 6!  The 3 actors were quite amusing to watch and listen to on the sunny stage.

They gave some somewhat serious answers mixed with much humor and mystery and ambiguity, which is pretty standard for Walking Dead interviews!

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Lennie talked about the growth of all the characters and how that’s such a great aspect of the show. Comparing it to how you have so little growth on a sitcom and don’t really want it. You want to tune in and see the characters you know and love doing the same thing they’ve been doing all along. He used Norm from Cheers as an example.

That’s interesting. Often sitcoms do run into trouble when the children grow up or things change too much and they can’t maintain what they’ve developed. But on The Walking Dead, it’s all about the growth and change.

Norman made a funny ping-pong, pinball type motion to represent Andrew Lincoln’s evolution as Rick Grimes on the show. Rick has gone to crazy town (as Glenn called it) and back a few times. Speaking of Glenn, Lennie described his journey as pizza boy to god!

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When asked about what character they’d like to be other than themselves, Lennie named Carol. After a dramatic pause, he said he likes cooking casseroles and scaring tall men. Chandler and Norman think Judith has it made on the show. Crying, drinking milk, going home early, being uncooperative.

Lennie has a favorite zombie named Coleman. They hang out together between takes and have a great word-less communication style!

Norman is a little thief. He has vests and crossbows and the real ears from the set.

There are lots of fun tidbits in this panel! It’s really worth a watch! It’s fun to imagine Lennie James telling you to try again or nice job on your next automated activity or game!

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