Fear the Walking Dead: Frank Dillane works hard on his American accent

Nick. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Nick. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /
Frank Dillane as Nick in Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /

The Walking Dead is no stranger to actors who are not from the United States. Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan,  Lennie James just to mention a few. The Walking Dead is set in Georgia so the American accent used for that show is a little different from the one that Frank Dillane’s dialect coach is having him practice for Fear the Walking Dead.

Frank Dillane confessed his fears about dialect to Entertainment Weekly. At that time he hadn’t seen the show so he wasn’t able to judge his own work. I have seen the first 2 episodes several times and I’d say his dialect coach has done a great job and Frank is a fantastic student of the accent and creating his own voice as his character. Nick has his own American voice.

"Dialect was my biggest fear, so I spent a long time working with dialect coaches just trying to get American down. I think it’s very important and very easy to misinterpret. So, I mean I haven’t seen the pilot yet, so I am not sure as to whether I did a good job yet or not, but the accent is certainly my biggest fear."

What do you think of Nick’s voice and Frank’s accent?  He certainly doesn’t sound like he’s from London. I’d say his accent is as good as Morgan or Dr. House! And his sister, Australian actor, Alycia Debnam-Carey, is pretty great as Alicia. Changing the spelling of her name must be the magic!

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