Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 3-The Dog Recap

Madison Clark. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Madison Clark. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /
Madison, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Madison, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead blended calm and chaos. We moved from scenes of calm to scenes of chaos and even drove through the chaos to serene lights and calm music.

The idea that we are truly at the beginning of the end and it’s happening fast was made very clear tonight. People who have been thinking that they would have things all figured out by now might have a different perspective after tonight.

This is really a mysterious and confusing time. We start with Travis, Liza and Chris still at the Salazar barber shop. Chris sees some disturbing things from the window through the blinds, including one of the infected eating someone.

Daniel calmly lets Travis know that if need be, they will run, in different directions. Run they do need to do, and Griselda gets trapped under a big piece of construction scaffolding that falls in the chaos. They get to the truck and slowly make it out of the city, but the hospital is out of the question because it’s a crazy mess.

Walker - fear-the-walking-dead-episode-3
Neighbor. Walker. Fear the Walking. AMC /

The Clarks play Monopoly to pass the time waiting for Travis to come and get them, which is taking longer than expected-6 hours according to Nick. When a bloody dog appears at their patio door, they decide to get a gun from the neighbor.

They find Susan trapped in the garden, a walker. Nick has decided that she is dead. Madison and Alicia still thinking she’s sick. They are piecing things together now. Alicia was very upset to make the connection that this might be what happened to Matt.

Meanwhile, Travis and the rest return and a walker neighbor was in the house. Travis tried to help him and talk to him the way Maddie did with Artie and Cal. Maddie ran to try to warn him, shotgun in hand. Travis told her no, but Daniel shot the walker and blew his head off. So Daniel may be the first to discover the headshot answer.

Liza described what will happen to Griselda without medical care. She will die. Ofelia wants to go with Travis and Madison, but Daniel doesn’t want to be indebted to them. He called his cousin to pick them up. Ofelia tells her father they are good people. Daniel says good people die first.

Susan and her husband, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Susan and her husband, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Daniel and Travis had a great exchange about keeping score in the truck earlier. Travis wanted to help them and asked where he could drop them or take them to call someone. Frustrated by Daniel, Travis started to say he just saved his life. When Daniel said they would be even after they made their call. Travis says they should stop keeping score. Daniel, as calmly as he has been the whole time, says my favorite line of the series so far, ” I was not the one to start.”

Madison attempted to kill Susan with a hammer. Travis stopped her. He talked about the smallest chance that she can be helped. Daniel watched and called him weak. Daniel tried to teach Chris about guns and Travis stopped that as well.

Nick behaved like an addict. He enjoyed Monopoly. He crushed the drugs rather than swallowing them and told his mother he was the expert. He taunted his mom with the idea that Travis was off with his other wife and son. He got mad that Madison gave Griselda some of his meds for her pain. When she said she would help him he flatly said he didn’t need her, he needed the meds.

The Salazar and Manawa families, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
The Salazar and Manawa families, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Madison asks Liza if she would take care of the situation I’d she ever ended up a walker because it would break Travis. They leave in the morning and the Salazars stay, but they turn around quickly as they see Susan’s husband come home. Madison wants to warn him not to touch her. As he hugs her and she starts to go for him. She is shot. 

Armed, helmeted, camouflaged soldiers.  They question and quarantine. They take away Susan’s husband because he Susan’s  guts and blood on him. They tell Madison that wasn’t his wife anymore. They ask Madison about the dirt lump in the yard. She says their dog died. He gives his condolences. 

Travis and Madison stand in the driveway like an ordinary suburban couple. Travis puts his arm around Madison. “The Calvary’s arrived. It’s gonna get better now.”

Daniel looks out the window. “Ya es demasiado tarde.” “It’s already too late.”

*events are not necessarily in chronological order

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