Fear the Walking Dead: A horror movie feel

Salazar and Manawa families, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Salazar and Manawa families, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /
Walker - fear-the-walking-dead-episode-3
Neighbor. Walker. Fear the Walking. AMC /

Well, episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead felt like a horror movie complete with music and don’t-go-in-there moments. I think we know now that Fear is definitely its own show and people have stopped comparing so much. But many people are still frustrated with lots of things.

I think I’m less frustrated than most people. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe because I’m not a horror movie person so I’m not accustomed to worrying about every little detail of what a person would or wouldn’t do in a frightening situation. Maybe I give people more slack with being stupid or doing illogical things when they are exhausted, in fear or in panic. I don’t know the answer.

Madison, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Madison, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Two of The Walking Dead’s most beloved characters had the similar mindsets and experiences yet they were perceived much differently. It was heartbreaking when Morgan couldn’t shoot Jenny yet Madison and Travis are idiots for being upset about their friends and they don’t even know for sure they’re dead.

We felt heavy for Hershel even though we knew he was wrong about the walkers. We even understood Rick attempting to wrangle the walkers. Rick never told Hershel he was an idiot for believing the way he did. Shane was right to do what he did to bring Hershel out of his denial, but it was difficult to watch.

Susan and her husband, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Susan and her husband, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Someone will have to bring Madison and Travis and the others out of denial and up to speed on what the walkers are and that they are dead and not themselves anymore. That putting them down is necessary. That their loved ones are gone. It’s just a trick of the eye that makes us think it’s them still here. That’s something else inside them now.

But as frustrating as it is for us to watch, we forget that our Walking Dead group had 2 months of getting used to this idea. Our new group has had about 2 days. They’ll get there.

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