Fear the Walking Dead: Can you be a Walking Dead fan and not like Fear?

Liza and Travis. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Liza and Travis. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /
Alicia - fear-the-walking-dead
Alicia. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, does that mean you have to be a fan of Fear the Walking Dead? Is it possible that you don’t like one show or the other? I love Fear the Walking Dead so far, and I think it’s going to get better and better. But there are people getting mad at other people and frustrated with other fans on social media if they express any negative thoughts about Fear.

While I disagree with a lot of the negative thoughts and frustrations about Fear that are out there, I don’t begrudge those people their feelings or think they aren’t true Walking Dead fans or that they are being disloyal to The Walking Dead somehow. It’s okay if they aren’t digging it.

Maybe they will grow into it on the re-watch or in the winter during a marathon when they don’t have to wait the week in between and can watch it like one big movie. Maybe the show will gain a whole new audience then. The Walking Dead certainly has gained a big part of its audience that way. I’m one of those Johnny-come-Netflix fans!

Nick - fear-the-walking-dead
Nick. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /

And maybe some people will never dig it. Maybe they just don’t connect with these characters. Maybe they don’t like the idea of knowing what the characters don’t know. Maybe that’s too anxiety producing. Whatever the reason, they can choose to stay with The Walking Dead and just say they didn’t get into Fear. That’s okay.

We don’t need to shame them or try to bring them over to the Fear side. There’s enough Walking Dead for everyone. But if you’re on the fence. I’d say, give it time! You might be glad you did.

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