Fear the Walking Dead: Chris Hardwick will be Talking Dead for the finale

Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead - AMC
Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead - AMC /
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Nick. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /

With Fear the Walking Dead these last few weeks, we’ve really noticed the importance of Talking Dead. We’ve noticed because we haven’t had Chris Hardwick to help us figure out those little details after the show ends. We haven’t seen an actor or two on the couch or a celebrity fan expressing our thoughts and clearing things up for us. We miss that extra discussion.

We still have Twitter and Facebook, and we still write our recaps and reviews and opinion articles, but there’s something special about Talking Dead. It’s an extension of the show. A common experience. It’s where we learned to call Pete, “Porchdick,” and we all remember Bob from Chattanooga.

Daniel Salazar. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Daniel Salazar. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /

Well, thankfully, we can look forward to seeing Chris Hardwick on October 4th for the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead. We don’t know who the guests will be yet; I’m really hoping that Rubén Blades, Greg Nicotero and Yvette Nicole Brown are sitting on the couch, but I’ll be pleased to see any of the cast or show runners or a great celebrity fan!

I’ve been thinking about what Chris might have on the coffee table and possibly have to give to the fans who step up to the mic to ask questions. Or if they will have an Oprah moment.

IMG_20150914_183548 /

If  they do an Oprah moment, they could have Fear T-shirts. Old man jackets? Blue hoodies and black backpacks? Fire extinguisher key chains?

My thoughts so far for the mic include Monopoly pieces or 77 cents. Perhaps other ideas will come from the next 3 episodes? Perhaps Monopoly or a fire extinguisher on the coffee table as well.

As soon as we find out anything about the guests or any Talking Dead details for the Fear the Walking Dead finale, we’ll be sure to pass them along! Should we place bets on if Chris Hardwick will mention “Good morning, Susan,” during the hour?

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