Fear the Walking Dead: Prediction poll results going into episode 4

Ofelia. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Ofelia. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /
Madison, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Madison. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /

Episode 4 of Fear the Walking Dead entitled “Not Fade Away” will air tonight at 9 pm est time. Our prediction poll revealed a few things our readers think about the series going into the second half of the first season.

When we left the families last week the National Guard had arrived and started interviewing the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Travis took out the garbage and told Madison things were going to get better now. Daniel was not so hopeful.

When asked about seeing some of the characters from earlier episodes, our readers were nearly unanimous. They don’t think Gloria is coming back and don’t want me to ask about her anymore. She was an important character at the beginning of the show, but she’s gone now. However, they think Tobias is coming back, either this season or next season.

Travis Manawa and other onlookers, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Travis Manawa and other onlookers, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

The majority of readers think poor Griselda will not get the medical help she needs and will not survive. So, perhaps, tonight or next week Griselda will be another loss for us. Our losses have been interesting in Fear. We have had more loss, but we haven’t seen an actual walker bite loss. We’ve seen bites though. And a main character has already killed the living, but not really because of the apocalypse. It’s very twisted.

Another thing that has been revealed early in Fear that they haven’t figured out is the “we’re all infected” piece. It’s an interesting puzzle of what we know and what they know and what happened on The Walking Dead that hasn’t happened here and what’s happened on Fear that didn’t happen there for a while.

And, finally, the readers are split about whether or not Nick will change out of his old man clothes. A shower was not a part of that question. Just a change of clothes.

So, we’ll see how our predictions turn out and how The National Guard helps or not. Perhaps walkers will be too much for their training. I don’t know if zombie preparedness is in the manual.

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