The Walking Dead: Exclusive interview with Josh McDermitt

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AMC’s The Walking Dead will make its season 6 premiere on October 11, 2015.  Until that time, we’re left hanging on to the events in season 5 and worrying about what is in store for our favorite characters on the series.  Personally, one of my favorite characters is Eugene Porter, who is played by Josh McDermitt.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. McDermitt about his start in acting, time on The Walking Dead and his upcoming projects.  However, things did get a little silly at times, but that is part of what made the interview so much fun.

Here is the conversation that The Walking Dead’s Josh McDermitt and I had:

Thanks for taking the time to talk to talk to Undead Walking.  How are things going for you today?

"“Good, thanks.  And you?”"

I’m doing well, thanks.  I admit, that I was a fan of yours since I saw you on Last Comic Standing in 2006.  About 5 years ago, you did a great joke that went like this: “They say you are what you eat, but I think that’s false.  ‘Cause I’ve never eaten a 29-year-old loser who still lives at home with his father.”  It was that joke that got me hooked.  It’s even funnier today now that you’re successful and work on a show where people eat people. How often are you able to hit the stage and do comedy these days?

"“First off, thanks for the compliment.  I used to open the show with that joke and that was ridiculous.  I don’t remember when I wrote it, but every year I got older I would just change my age and keep telling the joke.  It was still true each year and it was a constant reminder that I was a loser.”"

But so much has changed since then.  That’s what’s awesome about it.

"“Well, a lot has changed obviously.  I haven’t been able to get out on the road as much as I have in the past.  There are a few good reasons for that.  One being that I’m just super busy.  Also, I have to write a new act.  Obviously, I can’t tell that joke anymore because people know more about me.”"

Right.  They’ll just look at you and be like ‘ummm…no’.

"“Yeah.  People know I’m going to BS them if I say stuff like that.  And plus, people are going to want to come out and hear The Walking Dead stories and this and that and the fact is writing a brand new hour of material isn’t easy.  You don’t just get up there and screw around.  People are paying money for a ticket to the show and you want to give them the best show possible. It takes a long time to craft an act.  I had a tight hour before…and that took years!  I don’t think it’ll take years again to get to that point again, but just the fact that I’ve got to rewrite my stuff means I haven’t had time to get on stage and that makes it difficult.”"

Your fans are pretty hardcore.  I’m sure they’d eat up almost anything you did. 

"“Thanks, man.  That’s what I’m hoping.  I keep getting asked to do something and I’m not blowing people off…I just have a shit ton of work."

I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed you found the time to speak to me.  So thank you for that.

"“No.  Thank you, man.  This is great.”"

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