Fear the Walking Dead: Episode 5 predictions and feelings [polls]

Ofelia Salazar and soldier, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Ofelia Salazar and soldier, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /
Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC Fear The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC Fear The Walking Dead /

We’re the lucky ones. That’s what they told us last week on Fear the Walking Dead.  But we’re the audience. We’ve seen where this is headed. We know better. Madison is starting to doubt her own reassurances that she gave to Tobias. She’s seen a little more now.

She’s also not digging her role as keeper of the house while Travis is keeper of the neighborhood.  Travis and Liza seem to be on the same team. Travis is seeing to the emotional needs and Mr. FIx-it needs of the community and Liza is seeing to the medical needs.

Travis’s approach is to say everything will be fine. That’s what he tells his neighbor to tell his family. That’s what he tells Chris. Travis’s denial is following behind Madison’s.  Madison is moving into anger.

Daniel is in an interesting place. He is calm. He knows things can get bad and he doesn’t trust the government. He accepts bad. He doesn’t like it. But he accepts it.

Madison Clark, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Madison Clark, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Liza is feeling useful with her skills from her nursing school training. The government doctor wants her to help by pretending to be a nurse and Liza ends up leaving with them when they take Griselda and Nick to the military hospital in the middle of the night.

Let’s get to some of your predictions and opinions.

What do you think about Travis? Do you think that he is going to start questioning the military’s presence and motives now that he’s seen those flickering lights for himself? Or do you think he’s going to keep trying to pretend everything is okay and keep a strong front.

What do you think about Liza? Why do you think she left? Do you think she wanted to help Griselda and Nick? Do you think she liked feeling needed? Do you think she’ll stay at the hospital even if she finds out they are doing bad things?

What about the hospital? Do you think they are helping anyone? What do you think they are doing? Are they trying to figure out the cause of the outbreak?  Will they help Griselda?  Will she die? Will they help Nick? Will he escape? Will the family attempt to find out what’s going on there?

At this point in the series it’s getting more difficult to make predictions. But what’s happening more is we’re starting to make more judgments about the characters and their strengths and weaknesses and what types of decisions they might make.

Just two more episodes. Will our characters start to find out more about the infected. What decisions will they make? Will they get stronger? Will they fall apart?  Will they bond with new friends and make a new family?

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