The Walking Dead: Will Norman Reedus appear on Inside the Actors Studio?

Norman Reedus and James Lipton. Instagram. Www.bigbaldhead
Norman Reedus and James Lipton. Instagram. Www.bigbaldhead /
Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC
Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Will Norman Reedus of AMC’s The Walking Dead appear on Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton? Norman posted a picture today with the Studio’s famous James on Instagram with the caption “Inside the Actors Studio” so we can only hope! I can’t find proof yet though on Bravo’s website.

Why am I so excited? You’d think it was because it’s Norman Reedus. And partly, yes. I’m always excited to see a Walking Dead star interviewed anywhere. But mostly, it’s because it’s Inside the Actors Studio, and the hippest unhip man ever, James Lipton!

Most interviews on television are so pitifully short and superficial. James, oh, my James, does not fool around. If you’ve never watched Inside the Actors Studio,  you are in for a Norman interview like no other.

Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus /

James will have a stack of blue index cards that will have information about Norman that Norman doesn’t even know or remember about himself. At least once, Mr. Reedus will lean over to look at the blue cards and ask something to the effect of “How did you find that out?”

Mr. Lipton will do everything in his power to make Norman feel at ease and look good. His objective is not to find a skeleton or a scoop. If Norman has a special skill though, James will ask him to share it, so we may see Norman dance or do an impression or show off his crossbow aim.

darylsq /

James will start from the beginning and focus on the acting. So we may find out about Norman’s childhood and early career. And we always end with audience questions from students who are hoping to be actors so we’ll get some great insight there.

The audience section starts with a questionnaire Mr, Lipton uses from his hero, Bernard Pivot, so we’ll find out things like Norman’s favorite sound, favorite word, favorite curse word, what turns him on, and what he hopes God might say when he enters heaven.

Please let it be true that we will see Norman Reedus sitting across from the man with the stack of blue cards!

Update! Yes! Norman and more of the cast and producers sat down with James Lipton today. No air date is known yet.

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