Fear the Walking Dead: Daniel Salazar’s best lines so far

Daniel Salazar. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Daniel Salazar. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /
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Daniel Salazar and Madison Clark, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Daniel Salazar and Madison Clark, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Daniel Salazar has quickly become a favorite of mine on Fear the Walking Dead.  I’ve hesitated to write about him yet because I want to learn more. But at this point I think I can write about a few of his lines. He’s had a few of the best lines so far on the show that reveal quite a bit more than just the mere words that make up the lines.

Daniel’s delivery is a big part of his lines. He is calm. If he has something to say, he doesn’t hesitate to say it. But he is not confrontational. Much like the guns he describes, he does not care how you feel about him.

Thank my wife.

When Travis, Liza and Chris beg to come in the barber shop, Daniel is already closing up. He would not have let them in if it were not for the kindness of Griselda who told Daniel in Spanish to let them in. Travis is a teacher and used to taking care of people. He overstepped here and tried to find back doors and roof lookouts.

Daniel told him they would be fine in the front. He let them know they were his guests, they weren’t in charge. They should start acting like guests. Ofelia acted more like a host and Travis finally said, “Thank you.” Daniel let him know that they were there because of the kindness of his wife and he didn’t want them there without being mean or saying all that.

He spoke all of his disapproval of his guests’ lack of manners, even under such extreme circumstances by not looking up and directing his thanks to Griselda. “Thank my wife.”

There’s more than combs here, you know.

This was one of my favorites. Poor Travis. He’s a good guy. But he’s always putting his foot in his mouth when it comes to Daniel. He was trying to reassure Chris that the looters weren’t going to break into the barber shop so he made a bad joke. We’ve all done that. Make a joke when we’re scared or nervous.

Daniel knew exactly what Travis was doing. When Travis apologized and tried to explain, Daniel finished his sentence for him. So why mention it? We’re Daniel’s feelings hurt? Perhaps. I think it was more than that. I think Daniel was letting Travis know this was his house.

He was saying, Hey man, I know what you’re trying to do, but you came into my house, walked around like you owned the place and now, to make your boy feel safe, you insult me. Wake up! Don’t reassure your boy at my expense. 

We run, in different directions.

Daniel’s strength is in his calm nature. He has great feeling and passion, and they don’t seem to be bottled up or stifled by his calm. They seem liberated by his calm. It’s not a fake calm that’s meant to put a lid on a boiling pot. It’s fascinating, it seems as though he must have made plans with Griselda and Ofelia to take the money, la plata, and essentials, and was resigned to leaving his life behind.

When Travis asked what they would do if what was out there came inside, Daniel wasn’t bothered at all, he didn’t give several options or say he hoped for a certain outcome. He simply said, “We run, in different directions.” He answered Travis with action. A plan. Not an outcome. He’s smart enough to know he doesn’t know the outcome. He knows the plan.

I was not the one to start.

Call me crazy, but I cheered at my television and at Daniel when he said this line to Travis in the truck. Poor Travis. He’s just not on the same wavelength with Daniel. That doesn’t mean Travis isn’t a good person on his own. But looking at Daniel and from Daniel’s point of view, Travis is not someone he is willing to trust or owe at this time.

When Travis tells Daniel he wants to help, Daniel senses the help is an obligation–like I helped you. Even though, ironically, it was his wife who took them in.  Then Travis becomes frustrated thinking he already paid him back for that be getting him out of the rioting. Daniel lets Travis know after one small favor he will consider them even.

Travis realizing how he sounded told Daniel to stop keeping score. Again, Daniel was not going to accept the blame for something that Travis was feeling. He wouldn’t accept the guilt and told Travis, “I was not the one to start.” 

You knew this man.

Daniel lets Travis know that he gets it. He knows that it’s a difficult decision for him. Not just because it’s burning a body and Travis is trying to be respectful. But because Daniel shot him and killed him. By saying “You knew this man,” Daniel was trying to give Travis some space.

But Daniel has little patience for Travis. He’s also trying to tell him that someone knows everyone out there. We’re going to have to start taking care of these people as hard as it may be.

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