The Walking Dead: Season 5 is on Netflix!

GREATM. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Season 5 of The Walking Dead is finally on Netflix. You have exactly 2 weeks to binge watch and catch up or just re-watch before October 11th when season 6 will premiere with a 90-minute episode.

Have you seen season 5 yet? I’m surprised how many of our Facebookers and Tweepers haven’t seen it yet. For whatever reason, some people just haven’t been able to stay caught up. You’re still Walking Dead family!

Netflix is your friend starting today! You have an amazing ride in front of you. So many new people to meet. A little bit of loss along the way. Well, quite a bit of loss. Tons of walker madness-water walkers, melted walkers, bowling ball walker, and triple walker chain kill, just to start.

Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead - AMC
Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Abraham says some crazy things. You’ll find out who Deanna is and what GREATM means. These everyday things will make a lot of sense to you soon: Yo-yos, dolphins, lollipops, cookies, owls, revolving doors, oatmeal, windows, casseroles, blenders, maps, watches, scissors, pasta makers, and license plates.

If you’ve already seen season 5, those things should make complete sense to you! And you may want to re-watch your favorite episodes again and again before October 11th to be fully prepared for Walking Dead season to be in full force. It will be so exciting.

Be sure to stick with us at Undead Walking for everything Walking Dead leading up to October 11th and all through Walking Dead season!

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