The Walking Dead: Ann Mahoney’s special red carpet gown for the Madison Square Garden season 6 premiere

Olivia. The Walking Dead - AMC
Olivia. The Walking Dead - AMC /
Olivia. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Ann Mahoney plays Olivia, the weapons and supply keeper, on The Walking Dead. She was introduced last season when our group arrived in Alexandria and was forced to surrender their weapons while inside the walls. She also talked to Sasha about prosciutto and still carrying a cellphone, half expecting it to ring one day. She provided Carol that 1/4 bar of chocolate for her famous cookies with applesauce as the secret ingredient.

On October 9th, the premiere of season 6 will be held at Madison Square Garden. Miss Mahoney will be walking the red carpet for the season 6 premiere in a very special gown. Andrew Dyrdahl is designing her gown from a recycled military parachute.

When Mahoney told her mother-in-law about the dress, a beautiful story emerged.

"In 1945, in Hungary, my mother-in-law had survived the Holocaust, but supplies like food, clothing, and other necessities were scarce. The American troops were dropping bright orange and red parachutes full of supplies. After the American troops collected their supplies, the Holocaust survivors, would compile the parachutes and make clothing out of them."

I can’t wait to see pictures of our Olivia rocking the red carpet on October 9th. I know she’ll look gorgeous and make her family, her designer, and the Walking Dead family proud as we cheer for her in the dress that is sure to be as unique and special as Olivia and Ann both.

For more incredible details about her designer and the story about the dress, please click here for the original story and my source, PR Web!

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