The Walking Dead Marathon: Week long marathon on AMC to prepare for season 6

Rick, Carl and Judith. The Walking Dead - AMC
Rick, Carl and Judith. The Walking Dead - AMC /
Dale and T-dog. The Walking Dead - AMC
Dale and T-dog Walking Dead. AMC /

Watch all the seasons and every episode in AMC’s The Walking Dead marathon all next week to prepare for the hugely anticipated season premiere of season 6. Could it really be here? Could there really be an end to walker withdrawals in sight? It appears so. The calendar says the “O” month, and next week, AMC is going to help us make it through the last stretch by running all of the seasons starting Monday at 5 pm.

That’s right. On Monday at 5 pm est., we’ll see Rick roll up to the gas station and shoot the girl in the dirty bunny slippers and pink robe. We will watch Rick and Shane talk over burgers and fries in the cop car about women’s inability to turn off light bulbs. Rick will see the fingers wriggle out of the crack in the chained up hospital cafeteria doors. And by midnight, Sophia will be lost in the woods.

On Tuesday, Carl will be shot, we’ll meet Hershel, Maggie, Beth, and a well walker. We’ll learn the story of the Cherokee rose and the Chupacabra, Sophia will come out of the barn and we’ll kill the living because Nebraska is not so nice.

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On Wednesday, we’ll fight about Randall, lose Dale, lose the farm and find a prison.

Michonne! The Governor! Like Cher and Madonna and Denzel.

By Thursday and Friday, we’ll fight the Governor more than a few times. And on Saturday, we make our way to Terminus. We don’t escape until Sunday, when we make our way to Alexandria and end up with Rick’s gun still warm from shooting Pete.

The marathons begin each night at 5 pm est and end around 2 am. On Saturday and Sunday, the episodes run all day with some overlapping. Check the schedule here for your area.

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