The Walking Dead season 6 trailer: ‘You don’t have a choice’

The Walking Dead season 6 art , YouTube - AMC
The Walking Dead season 6 art , YouTube - AMC /

The premiere of The Walking Dead‘s sixth season is only 11 days away.  The anticipation of seeing our favorite survivors again after a long break has us all itching for the October 11, 2015 air date.

Thankfully, we got another teaser video a couple days ago from the official AMC YouTube account.  This one should help confirm that season 6 of The Walking Dead won’t be lacking in the drama or action category.  There are walkers, fire, yelling, and all-around chaos.

Here is that video, titled “You don’t have a choice”:

“Things are going to get worse” is the opening line of the trailer.  Judging from what we see after that, the statement sounds to be true.  Throughout the video, we see the danger that the walkers present to the humans and the divide that is happening within the walls of Alexandria.

Even more interesting is how this teaser is focusing on Rick Grimes.  Some say he’s dangerous, others question “falling in line” and it sounds like some are directly confrontational with Rick.  It is this kind of conflict that should be the driving force behind season 6.

But I love that the video reminds us of the other horrors in the world while showing the internal conflict.  Seeing a world engulfed by the undead on The Walking Dead will seem even more intense after watching the six episode season of Fear The Walking Dead, which was criticized for its lack of zombies.

You can catch the season 6 premiere of AMCs’ The Walking Dead on Sunday, October 11th at 9/8c.  Check your local listings for availability.

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