Jon Bernthal Talks Norman Reedus, Walking Dead, Punisher

Jon Bernthal Talks Norman Reedus, Walking Dead, Punisher Image Credit: - Cass
Jon Bernthal Talks Norman Reedus, Walking Dead, Punisher Image Credit: - Cass /

Jon Bernthal’s new film Sicario is out in theaters today and highly rated over at IMDB (8.0 rating) and Metacritic (82/100). The movie also stars Hollywood heavy hitters Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, and Benicio Del Toro!

Brandon Davis of had an opportunity to interview Bernthal about Sicario, The Walking Dead, and a choice question about Norman Reedus. Who does Jon Bernthal think would make a better Punisher? Family man Shane Walsh or rebel Daryl Dixon? Find out below!

Note: One of the most important comments to take away from the interview… Jon Bernthal is open to making a Shane Walsh cameo and keeps up with the show. In fact, he loves it! The plot, the cast, the crew. Perhaps a Tyreese/Governor style dream sequence is in the works next season?

Jon Bernthal: The Walking Dead Questions

The following questions were originally asked by interviewer Brandon Davis of Check out the full interview at this link!

Brandon Davis: Norman Reedus voiced the Punisher once. If your two Punisher met, who wins in a fight?

Jon Bernthal: Look, outside of my family, there’s nobody in this world I love like Norman Reedus. I love that dude with everything I got. But his Punisher couldn’t touch my Punisher.

Brandon Davis: I do want to ask a quick Walking Dead question though, are you still current with it?

Jon Bernthal: I am. Like I said, Norman is my family. He’s one of my best friends. A lot of those guys down there on that show – the cast and crew – I love them. Melissa McBride, Andrew Lincoln, Steve Yeun, Sarah Wayne Callies, Jeffrey DeMunn, you know… Scott [Wilson]… I always support the show. I love the show. I love the producer, Gale Anne Hurd, too. Yeah, I’m a huge fan. I love being a fan. I’ll always watch it, I love it. I care about the plot.

Brandon Davis: Here’s to hoping we get another Shane Walsh cameo.

Jon Bernthal: I will, too, man! I love it.”

Remember to go out and catch Sicario in movie theaters this weekend! Bernthal plays character Ted in the film.

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