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The Walking Dead -Season 5 AMC
The Walking Dead -Season 5 AMC /

Hey Walking Dead Netflix watchers! We usually miss the bonus materials or special features from the DVD because we watch on Netflix. But quite a few special features were released as sneak peeks to entice people to buy the DVD. I’ve gathered these special features for us so we can enjoy a few of them even without the DVD.

Beth’s Journey

In this special feature we see many cast, producers and crew share memories of Emily Kinney and thoughts about the character of Beth. They recall her acting skills, presence and sweetness as well as the growth and strength of her character and the difficulty of filming her death.

Noah’s Journey

Here is the

video from the Starz Media YouTube account


In this feature we see Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple talk about Tyler James Woods and Noah. The revolving door scene is discussed. Josh McDermitt misses him and Steven Yuen gives a lovely tribute to Tyler and to Noah. He makes a great point about Noah’s impact in such a short time.

Rotters in the Flesh

This special feature has great behind-the-scenes information about the pink melted walkers that make their debut at Grady Memorial when Rick and the others go in to make their rescue of Beth and Carol. It’s cool stuff!

Deleted scene: Four Walls and a roof

A great deleted scene between Father Gabriel and Rick where Rick lets Gabe know he needs to continue to make decisions to allow him to survive.

Deleted scene : Kill them all

This is an interesting deleted scene where Rick compares rescuing Beth to rescuing Judith or Carl and is prepared for the worst.

Deleted Scene: Rick and Michonne

Here Michonne is a little suspicious of Rick giving up his weapons so easily.

So these are some of the bonus materials we miss by watching Netflix instead of the DVD. If it makes you want to get the DVD, here is Adam’s review of the DVD.

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