Norman Reedus to appear on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Norman Reedus to appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Image Credit: NBC/
Norman Reedus to appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Image Credit: NBC/ /

On Wednesday October 7th, Norman Reedus returns to the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon!

Last time Reedus was on, he mentioned his mom wouldn’t mind him dating Carol. Texting him she’s pretty and asking Reedus if she’s single. Subtle hints by Mrs. Dixon.

Let’s not forget Daryl Dixon reading off romantic texts on the new BroApp. A handy app for guys to send ‘thoughtful prewritten texts to their girlfriends’.

He also partook in some good ole’ crossbow shooting in a friendly game of Facebreakers.

Norman Reedus will definitely have plenty to discuss with The Walking Dead’s season premiere on Sunday, October 11th. Will there be more texts revealed? AMC is holding a special event over at Madison Square Garden this year for fans on Friday, October 9th. In fact, Reedus even teamed up with to give one fan the memory of a lifetime. One lucky Walking Dead fan will get to walk the red carpet with Reedus during the Season 6 premiere.

Norman Reedus’ Recent Films

Norman Reedus will have an opportunity to discuss his recent film work. Including sci-fi thriller ‘Air’ which arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD on October 6th. He played a trucker in comedy film ‘Vacation’ this summer, Diego in film ‘Sky’, and will be part of the movie ‘Triple 9’. A drama also starring Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, Gal Gadot, Casey Affleck, Aaron Paul, Teresa Palmer and other notable names.

It’s currently slated for release on February 19, 2016 and production is listed as completed on Kate Winslet who plays character Irene in the film, is also slated for the October 7th Late Night show. Perhaps they’ll discuss Triple 9 as a team. Potentially a trailer?

Norman Reedus’ Fanart Book

Have you checked out Norman Reedus’ fan art book entitled, Thanks for All the Niceness yet? Order a copy over at It’s 160 pages of artwork in every thinkable medium. From tattoos to cake designs, chalk drawings, mosaics, pencil sketches and much more!

Tune in next Wednesday, October 7th to get the Walking Dead Season 6 party started early with Norman Reedus!

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