A Walking Dead Christmas in your home


Why not take your favorite obsession into the holiday season? The show will be on break, but our love for The Walking Dead never goes on break. There are a few Walking Dead ornaments, but we are creative people. We can figure out some interesting ways to bring a Walking Dead flair to our holidays.

If you are an action figure or Pop collector perhaps your friends could don a little scarf or ski cap or Santa hat and guard the presents under the tree.  They could also stand guard next to a plate of cookies or on a side table somewhere.

Christmas_bauble_black_and_white /

If you want to make a

Walking Dead

tree or just add some ornaments to your tree, you don’t need to rely on the ones you can purchase. Think of the things from the show that represent characters and events and keep your eyes open next time you’re in the craft store or at a fall craft show.

Consider these ideas and give us more in the comments. There are hundreds of beautiful angel wing ornaments to remind you of the angel wings on the back of Daryl’s vest. Look for tiny squirrels on strings. Cookies hanging from tree branches would be adorable. Perhaps you can score a blue knit cap or a hammer to remind you of Tyreese!

Anything woodsy would be perfect! Pine cones, pecans. A little fire truck to reminisce about Eugene confessing the secret that he’s not a scientist. A church to remind you of both important churches in our survivors’ stories. A tiny RV! A fisherman’s cap. Fish, fishing poles, and a canoe to remember Amy and Andrea.

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Maybe you’ll be the lucky one to find a can of pudding for your

Walking Dead

tree! Or a can of Easy Cheese! Owl ornaments should be easy to find and little toy gun ornaments.  A yo-yo or a pocket watch would be a great addition to the tree. A sheriff’s star would be a great find!  A light bulb or burgers and fries to remind you of Shane.

So start scanning the craft shows and the catalogs that come in the mail! You don’t have to have an entire tree of Walking Dead ornaments. Just a few that you know about or even just one. It can be your little secret. Or they can be your cool thing to share with only your Walking Dead friends and family but nobody else will be the wiser.

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