Fear the Walking Dead: Season Finale Preview ‘The Good Man’

Fear the Walking Dead: Season Finale Preview image Credit: Screencapped.net - Raina
Fear the Walking Dead: Season Finale Preview image Credit: Screencapped.net - Raina /

It’s time for the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead! Let’s review the direction of the show.

Travis = Lizzie

Let it set in for a moment. We are viewing an adult version of Lizzie Samuels, and Carol isn’t around to finish this cookie batch. Travis did not answer when asked ‘Do you think they’re still human?’ last episode. Meaning Travis clearly believes the walkers are still human. Where do we go from here for the pacifist? Well there won’t be any protests down the road, no hashtags and Facebook shares. If I was writing this series, I’d have Travis remain civilian for the rest of the show’s life. He never takes down a single walker, and goes a different path than a Rick Grimes. Have the man believe in something. It’s expected Travis will eventually give in.

The longer you withhold the payoff from the audience the more they’ll want to see it. It can go on indefinitely, after all people still watch Superman hoping he’ll vanquish a villain. Superman’s enemies even taunt him with it, yet you rarely see this happen. Giving Superman credibility. You want Travis to stand apart from his contemporaries, you have him become walker protector #1. Travis can even physically stop his peers from hurting the walkers in a way Lizzie never could. Let the thought spread gradually, until Travis gains a community of followers. Think long term, it’s okay to have Travis leave for a while and return in Season 3. Now accompanied by his own branch of pacifist followers. Doctors, nurses, scientists looking for a cure. ZETA – Zombies Ethical Treatment Association.

Ballad of Nick Clark

“Only After You’ve Lost Everything, You’re Free to Do Anything.” – Tyler Durden in Fight Club

Nick’s addict status allows him to run unhindered. Unchained by the morals of society. He has an urgent need, and he’ll desperately search to fulfill it. No matter who he hurts emotionally in the process. His inamorata found in a vile. Whatever the suspicious individual in the cell is offering, Nick will likely temporarily accept a partnership until he’s free. Out of confinement. Loose with complimentary time to spare in his hunt for euphoria. What’s certain… Nick Clark needs more active screen-time.

The Relationship Switcheroo

They’ve taken the Rick/Shane dynamic and subtly changed to a Madison/Liza one. Eventually Travis will have to choose… Unless Madison decides for him. Judging by her actions last episode, allowing Daniel to ‘work’ in his basement… She’s certainly capable of it.

The Exorcist

Griselda’s scene last week looked like it came straight out of The Exorcist. You were almost waiting for a CGI figure to pop-out the rest of the cast can’t see. Kind of like the Warner Bros. Singing Frog and its owner. This might sound kind of silly for a show focused on zombies but… It takes away from the gritty realism The Walking Dead prides itself on. Once we get into the realm of the supernatural, the door hinges fly off. Anything is possible, and sometimes containment can be a good thing in this scenery. A world without rules, has consequences.

Character eliminations lose significance if they can always return. The Resident Evil series gradually grew from singular zombies to bigger, badder creatures to satisfy insatiable demand. Unless Fear the Walking Dead wants to emulate this route, they have to be careful. It’s the human connection that’s the draw of the show.

Cobalt and Country Tales

Sure, Daniel got the goods, but his actions weren’t really necessary. The man looked like he was going to spill the beans anyway as long as he got to date the man’s daughter. It somewhat took away from Daniel’s portrayal in the prior episode of Fear the Walking Dead. It looked a bit out of place at this stage of the show.

Mismatch Bill Due

Nick’s sister and Travis’ son breaking stuff? Almost hoped the house owner would walk in and ask for a bill. The bill has to be paid. Time for a Governor cameo on Fear the Walking Dead!

Fear the Walking Dead Episode Facts:

Tonight’s Episode: ‘The Good Man’
Written by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson
Directed by Stefan Schwartz

Fear the Walking Dead TV Ratings

– Last week’s Fear the Walking Dead episode “Cobalt”, scored a 6.0 rating in the 18-49 age demographic according to TVbytheNumbers. Fear the Walking Dead led all competition last Sunday.

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