The Walking Dead: Exclusive interview with ‘Bruce’ actor Ted Huckabee

Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC
Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC /

We don’t know a lot about Bruce from The Walking Dead. We don’t even know his last name. (But I’m really hoping it’s Wayne or Springsteen!) When we first meet Bruce, Abraham is asking him about the timeline for the construction project. Not too far into their discussion, we hear Bruce tell Abraham, in most memorable fashion, that he needs to excuse himself, or more specifically, “send a fax to Cleveland”.

While the “fax” comment was humorous, this particular exchange was not Bruce’s most pivotal moment. Bruce turns the tide when he steps up and assists Abraham in taking out the walkers that are quickly overtaking the construction site. Furthermore, he pledges to help keep Abraham alive during the showdown with the walkers.

Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC
Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC /

In season 5, the “citizens” of Alexandria are certainly curious about the arrival of Rick’s group, but for the most part they have not embraced Rick’s ideology about survival. Aaron and Eric see value in Rick’s group, but they had the benefit of watching them for some time. Bruce is one of the first Alexandrians to side with our survivors, specifically, Abraham, in a crisis situation. He sees the value of fighting to save one another and not merely retreat to save your own behind. And for this, I give Bruce props. Well done, sir!

The actor who portrays Bruce is Ted Huckabee. He graciously allowed me to ask him several questions about himself, his character, and his experiences working on The Walking Dead. Here’s what he had to say!

What are you able to tell us about your audition process for The Walking Dead?

"I auditioned twice for The Walking Dead. The first time, I auditioned for a redneck racist guy that gets handcuffed to an air-conditioning unit on the top of an old building in downtown Atlanta. We all know how that turned out. Four years later my agent called me and said I had an audition for The Walking Dead. I read for Bruce and the rest is history, I guess."

I see you have worked on several other productions filmed in metro Atlanta. Are you from the Atlanta area?

"I am from Atlanta. I actually went to Atlanta Public Schools. I have grown up in the Buckhead area my whole life. I auditioned and was accepted to the North Side School of Performing Arts as a freshman for drama and went there for half a year."

Did you have much time to get to know Michael Cudlitz before filming your scenes with him in Season 5? What was your preparation?

"I met Michael the day we shot that scene. He’s a really good guy. We didn’t have much time to rehearse, but now I feel like I know him pretty well. We’re both dads, so we have that in common. We talk about that a lot on set."

How much input did you have on Bruce’s costuming? Or did Eulyn know from the start what she was going to use for your character?

"None. She knows what she wants and is awesome."

Bruce seems like a standup guy based on his alignment with Abraham during the walker crisis at the construction site. He also seems to have a sense of humor. Do you agree? How do you describe him?

"I do think Bruce is a standup guy. I think he’s been forced into a situation like everyone in the world after the apocalypse to where you have to stand up for yourself–fight or flight–and when he’s forced to choose, he chooses to fight. I think he is a country guy, a family man, a blue-collar guy who now is forced to do what he has to do. But he probably thinks family first and his friends a close second.Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC"

I am also a fan of The Sundance Channel’s Rectify, so I know that you play Mitch in that series. Rectify‘s cast includes several other actors who have also worked on The Walking Dead — Michael Traynor, J.D. Evermore, and many more. That list also includes Ann Mahoney who plays Olivia on The Walking Dead. But she also portrays your character’s wife, Beth, on Rectify. That makes me want to “ship” Bruce and Olivia on The Walking Dead! Let’s see, I guess that would be “Brulivia”?? Any thoughts on that idea?

"Ha! You’d have to check with Ann on that one. Lol."

I think most fans of The Walking Dead got a kick out of your most “eloquent” delivery of the famous “I need to send a fax to Cleveland” line. As a Rectify fan as well, I couldn’t help but notice that your Mitch character also has a line about needing to use the restroom! It just gives me a chuckle! Did you find that amusing? Or is it just another day at the “office”?

"To be honest I didn’t even realize that until you just asked me that question. So I guess just another day at the office? Lol. It is amusing. I hope I don’t become known for just saying bathroom lines. Lol."

How has your experience been with the fans of The Walking Dead?

"The fans of our show are truly the best. They are awesome and dedicated. They know everything about the show. They make being on the show that much more special."

I’m sure fans would love to see you on the fan convention circuit. Is that something you would enjoy?

"I would love to do that. I am sure that will be an option in the future. I’m looking forward to it for sure. Getting to meet the fans and experience some of the energy will be awesome."

Are there other projects or hobbies you’d like to share with fans? Something we are not likely to know about you already?

"I love riding motorcycles. I like to play golf.  Josh (Eugene) and I have been trying to get a tee time together. I’m a big college football fan. And I like all motor sports."

Finally, just for fun, what genre of music do you think Bruce prefers?

"Country, for sure. He is a huge Blackberry Smoke fan."

It was a lot of fun learning more about Ted and his portrayal of Bruce on The Walking Dead.  I hope his character sticks around for a long time so we can get to know him even better. Thanks, Ted, for sharing with the fans!

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