The Walking Dead: Men of Alexandria

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Noah and Reg Monroe, The Walking Dead - AMC
Noah and Reg Monroe, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Reg Monroe

Sadly, one of those guys will not be returning this season.  That would be Reg Monroe, husband to community leader, Deanna Monroe.  In a tragic slip of the katana, Reg died at the hands of drunken Pete Anderson in season 5’s finale.

Walking Dead - AMC
Walking Dead - AMC /

We are now left to mourn his death through the eyes of his wife and surviving son, Spencer.  Scenes of Deanna sobbing by her husband’s side in pools of his blood are heartbreaking.  I also felt pangs of sadness seeing Reg’s initials inscribed in one of the “wall” panels during the trailer for season 6.

While we do not know exactly how wife Deanna and son Spencer will deal with the loss of Reg, we do know that the actor who portrays him, Steve Coulter, is alive and well!

My interview with Steve revealed that he is also quite busy working on new projects.  Steve shared news of his work on movies Mena and The Founder.  He also spoke of his recurring role on the series Banshee.  We then learned later in the summer that Steve was cast in the new HBO production The Wizard of Lies about the fallout of Bernie Maddoff’s financial schemes.

And if news of Steve’s work is not enough to put you at ease, you can also see him in person on the fan convention circuit, a gig he definitely enjoys.

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