The Walking Dead: Men of Alexandria

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Pete, The Walking Dead - AMC
Pete, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Pete Anderson

Pete Anderson will also be missing from season 6 of The Walking Dead. But fans are not nearly as upset about his departure since he was the one who clumsily killed Reg with Michonne’s katana.

Deanna gave Rick the order for Pete’s execution and Pete was then no more. While fans adored Reg with his fatherly advice and calm demeanor, no one liked Pete.  He presumably performed life-saving surgery on Tara, but he put the lives of his wife and kids at risk day after day with his alcoholism and physical abuse.

The Walking Dead - AMC
The Walking Dead - AMC /

It will no doubt be interesting to see the fallout of his execution, especially through the eyes of Morgan, who has just arrived to the community and witnessed Pete’s demise.

The actor who portrayed Pete is Corey Brill and he is nothing like the angry surgeon.  I had the pleasure of doing a Q&A session with Corey this summer as well.  We discussed the art of portraying the dark side of a character and learned that Corey has a nice singing voice, too.

He shares parenting duties with his “rockstar” wife Joy who is also an actor. Corey enjoys attending conventions as well.  Go meet him and marvel at what a nice guy he really is!

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