The Walking Dead: Men of Alexandria

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Reg was adored. Pete was despised.  And then there is Nicholas, gate guard and supply runner.  We are a little more on the fence about Nicholas.  He has done some very bad and cowardly things.  These actions have resulted in the loss of several lives, including that of fan favorite, Noah. Can we just say that revolving doors have never seemed more dangerous!

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Nicholas plotted to eliminate Glenn in the season finale, but neither bullet nor walker was able to take down our good guy Glenn.  Glenn had the opportunity to kill Nicholas when he had him in a choke hold near the end of the finale episode “Conquer”.  However, Glenn gave him a second (or was it a third or fourth?) chance and the two hobbled back toward Alexandria’s gate.  Do Glenn’s actions suggest a possibility of redemption for Nicholas?  We will have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, it was a delight to interview Michael Traynor (pronounced “truh-NOR”) during the hiatus. He shared his silly side as well as his penchant for reading seriously large books.  Michael claims that Glenn would surely lose to Nicholas in a board game challenge (only because Nicholas would cheat!).  And we learn that he is trained dancer.  Might he bust out the moves for Alexandria’s Friday night dance troupe?? Make it so!                                                                                                                    

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