Walking Dead Women on Good Morning America (Video)

Walking Dead Women on Good Morning America (Video) Image Credit: Melissa McBride's Twitter/NBC's Good Morning America
Walking Dead Women on Good Morning America (Video) Image Credit: Melissa McBride's Twitter/NBC's Good Morning America /

The Walking Dead women were interviewed on Good Morning America over in New York City! Melissa McBride (Carol), Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Danai Gurira (Michonne), and Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) answered questions on the show’s production, experience, and performances.

Walking Dead Women on Good Morning America: Interview Transcript

Good Morning America: Please welcome the women who take down the undead in The Walking Dead! Danai Gurira, Sonequa Martin-Green, Lauren Cohan, and Melissa McBride. Ladies I feel very honored to be sitting right here, this is a huge deal. 15.8 million viewers for The Walking Dead‘s season finale, it’s gotta feel amazing.

GMA: Danai, people have developed workouts on your sword wielding. What’s it like to train to be her?

Danai Gurira (Michonne): It’s pretty intense. When I looked at her in the comics, I was like… I’m supposed to do that? Then I read some scripts and I’m like, I’m supposed to do that?! But, stepping into that character has been awesome and exciting. It’s challenged me beyond what I thought I could do. Which I think we all get to do during the course of the show.

GMA: Lauren, you all shoot during the hot summer sun right? Oh my gosh, the action scenes are going to be that hot?

Lauren Cohan (Maggie): It’s great actually, obviously we’ve been recording during the summer the whole time. this year I feel there’s been so much more action. We’ve had this running joke ‘this wasn’t written in the heat but we’re doing it in the heat.’ It’s great, it’s a character in the show. When you don’t feel that sort of oppressive heat on your character you actually miss it.

GMA: Next time you’ll actually get the writers out with you?

Lauren Cohan: We’ll have a winter season!

GMA: Sasha’s weapon of choice during the apocalypse is a machine gun. Of course, yours shoots blanks. What’s it like to train with something like that?

Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha): Well I love it. We all have our weapon of choice. I rather enjoy my M5. It’s Sasha’s baby. For sure. We have some good people helping us look cool, making sure we’re holding it correctly and everything. As Sasha I have a bit of training, that I decided to get on my own as a firefighter. That’s my backstory with that. I have a little bit of experience with it and I certainly have been doing a lot of target practice recently. I do enjoy it, it’s fun.

GMA: Melissa, Carol’s got a bit of split-personality right now. We know that. I have a question via Twitter asking, (shown on-screen) what’s the most challenging part of playing undercover Carol?

Melissa McBride (Carol): It’s really not challenging, it’s really just fun. The more the merrier. When I get to scramble around in my head and go back and forth like that, it’s fun.

GMA: Who’s most likely to break character?

Lauren Cohan: We’re goofy but-

Sonequa Martin-Green: Not when it’s time to work.

Lauren Cohan: There’s no room for error. I mean sometimes we fall over and we don’t look quite as professional. When Melissa goes between her two Carols it makes us laugh sometimes.

Melissa McBride: Between scenes it’s very fun.

GMA: Who does the best tough girl face?

Lauren Cohan: Andy. No wait, Norman. No wait, I didn’t understand the question (laughs).

Danai Gurira: We don’t have time for tough girl face. We have to be authentic. This show, we don’t have time to think about how you look. We gotta got it done. We gotta strategize how to take them down. That’s the way you do it. We can look pretty today.

Walking Dead Women: Twitter and Instagram Photos

The Walking Dead women took photos with fans on Good Morning America! See the photos Melissa McBride and Lauren Cohan shared over on Twitter and Instagram below:

Carol poses for photos with excited fans.

*Not Shown: Carol’s Cookies…