The Walking Dead S6E1 First Time Again live stream and start time

Morgan Jones, Carter, and Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones, Carter, and Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead - AMC /

As long as I can remember being a fan of AMC’s hit zombie survival drama The Walking Dead, I can’t remember a time when fans were more excited for a season premiere.  There’s a great reason for that, as the show is set to make a huge splash now that the group is going to be working to protect Alexandria from all the outside threats and internal conflicts that arise.

Previously on The Walking Dead, we saw a shifting of power inside Alexandria.  Rick Grimes had taken the life of Pete Anderson withe the permission of the community’s leader, Deanna Monroe.  Just as Rick executed Pete, Morgan Jones made his entrance into the walled settlement, leading us to believe there could be a clash in concepts of survival between the two.

Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead - AMC
Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead – AMC /

Not to mention that this season will see an absurd amount of zombies, the threat of “The Wolves”, a lot of conflict within the city walls and much, much more.  All that danger could make this season 6 one of the best seasons of the program yet!

So where can you catch the season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead? We have all the information you need right here so you don’t miss a second of the action.

  • Date: Sunday, October 11, 2015
  • Start Time: 9/8c
  • Episode Name: ‘First Time Again’
  • TV Info: AMC
  • Live Stream: You can watch the latest episodes online at and iTunes.
  • Other Methods:  Although NOT RECOMMENDED, check out other ways to view this content.

Stay tuned to Undead Walking all through tonight’s episode and the rest of Season 6 for the latest rumors and news about The Walking Dead.

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