Top 5 Reasons to Watch The Walking Dead’s Premiere

Top 5 Reasons to Watch The Walking Dead's Premiere / Image Credit: - Cass
Top 5 Reasons to Watch The Walking Dead's Premiere / Image Credit: - Cass /

1) Rick Grimes is Back. The Good, the Bad, and the Undead

Smoke gently disperses from Rick’s silver-plated six-shooter. One man down. Husband, father no more. There’s a new badge in town, its sides lightly peeling off. Harmony in a singular choice. While Daryl Dixon is cooled and mollified by partnerships of the road, his contemporary irreversibly a changed man. Rick Grimes is taking retribution, conquering what’s his, and planting claims in the dirt. Hammer chipping away the stake into the ground. See that sign? It means get off the man’s property. Hesitation in retreat. You’re with him, or you’re against him.

At its core, The Walking Dead has always been The Walking Western. Let the walkers simmer in the background a bit and you’ll find a classic American tale as old as time. “Do you lucky punk? Well, do ya?”

2) Escape from Alexandria

The great exodus. Will Alexandria’s resident’s accept Rick the Great’s rule of law? Are Daryl Dixon and Morgan even still Rick’s compadres through and through? We could be witnessing the sobbing march out of town. Tears flowing on the trail left behind.

3) Here She Goes Again on her Own?

Photos released for public consumption featured Maggie clutching her weapon. Looking uncertain for the first time. An omen for a future without Glenn? Will the last strings of attachment to a previous life be chopped unceremoniously? Then comes the question of a a pregnancy in the midst…

4) Don’t turn your back on the Wolf Pack

Dubstep, trapcore. Walkercore. The wolf pack want every lost drop. Ravenous hounds roaming the outskirts of Alexandria. Will inner tensions leave Alexandria unguarded and unprepared? A bare aging wall left without its original creator. The Walking Dead’s new crew prowls unchecked.

5) Greg Nicotero Directing = Acting Packed

The makeup special effects extraordinary directed Season 6’s debut episode. Which means we’re likely going to see those special effects and makeup put to good use! Scott M. Gimple (showrunner) and Matthew Negrete penned tonight’s Walking Dead episode.

The Walking Dead: Season 6 Trailer

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